Sunday, February 28, 2010

Signs of Spring

A few weeks ago a friend gave me 2 pots that they said had bulbs in them. So I brought them home & started watering them. One pot has muscari and tulips in it and the other pot has an amaryllis( It's only about 2 inches out of the pot so far)
The tulips are starting to open--it's exciting--almost every time I walk by, I check to see if it's grown any.......

I love this shot!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sun is Out!

After a week of snow and rain , the sun finally came out this morning! Tuesday we got 10+ inches of snow, then Wed. a little snow, Thurs. it poured, so alot of the snow went away & then Fri. another 5 + inches. The plow guy came about 5:30 am today! ( for the 3rd time this week!). The view down the driveway--it's very pretty & because I didn't have to go anywhere it was great!
When I decided to go out & take a few photos, Squeak decided to go along--at least to the door! He stuck his nose out & thought that's enough! I try to shovel a path outside the back door so the cats will go out a little ways. of course, Rafe loves the snow!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Butterflies at Punta Sur

On our recent trip to Isla we made the obligatory visit to Punta Sur with some friends that were newbies. was really surprised by the numbers of butterflies that were all around ! Here's a few of the ones that didn't come out blurry! If you enlarge them, you will see a lot more detail.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Snowing!

I think we may actually get the snowstorm the weatherman predicted! For the last few hours it's been coming down more than an inch an hour...and still going strong! It's very pretty and since I hadn't planned to anywhere today, it's great! Just took a break from cleaning up computers ( giving our oldest one to my Mom next week) --I needed to get all the photos off of it & delete programs I know she won't use. Got a pork roast in the crock pot and it smells wonderful!
Rafe loved being out in the snow, but loves being in by the stove more! Cleaned the snow on the walkway to the dog's pen & noticed the accumulation on the chain link fence--interesting isn't it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Fishing anyone?

Not my idea of a fun filled afternoon either, but yesterday the sun was out & there was a fishing derby at the lake near our house so we went for a little while. Lots of people were out with their holes dug & tip ups set--and the wind breaks set too!

They were spread out all over the lake

The only fish we saw get caught in the hour or so we were there--and it went right back in the water.

Took Rafe along so he could run around a little--another person was there with his new chocolate Lab puppy--they had lots of fun playing on the ice together. My fingers started getting numb so we came home after about an hour!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does a Bear sh*t in the woods?

Remember that old saying? Well, really had nothing to do with this post, but will a fox sh*t on your lawn? Yep! Happened to be passing by a window yesterday & spotted this fox in the trees. By the time I'd gotten my camera, the dog had seen it also & put up a ruckus ( at least he was in the house so he couldn't give chase!) So the fox took off across the driveway..... Then throught the trees there and came to a stop in the field behind our barn
Stopped for a minute & realized the dog couldn't get to him--or the dog scared the crap out of him!

So it decided to go to the bathroom! I didn't realize that's what was happening until I uploaded the photos & cropped this one!

And I've only seen one bear in the 25 years I've lived out in the country--it was on our patio ( weighed about 250lbs.) and took off when the dog started barking at it(from inside the house)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Staying Warm

I'll apologize for the vacuum cleaner & my boots in the photo! I was sitting nearby & glanced over to see this tableau--can't believe they stayed this way long enough for me to get the camera & take a few pictures!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gaby & her Family

I hadn't planned to do this post, but the fire this weekend that totally destroyed their house has kept them on my mind alot. I thought I could share some of my photos & Gaby's with you. Last year for her birthday, we ( Alan & I & JoAnne & Tim) got Gaby a digital camera. She has made good use of it--and hadn't deleted many photos from the card. When we saw her this past month I said "why don't I upload your photos to my computer & then I can print them & send back to you?" So I did & now they aren't all lost!
Gaby's dad, Honorio perusing the menu at Seso Loco's( Gaby's photo) Marilyn with her new pjs & teddy bear ( Gaby's)
Their home--now a - not even a pile of rubble remains..... (Gaby's)

Honorio, Adela & Marilyn ( Gaby's photo)

Gaby & me at Seso Loco's



Felipe, Maggie, Alan, Tim, Marilyn, Adela, Ann, Gaby, JoAnne and Honorio

Gaby taking photos & her dad reading the menu

Adela and Gaby--I hope this helps put some faces to the names that you've been hearing this weekend when you've read about the horrific fire that happened on Isla.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Gorgeous Sunset

A few days before we were coming home, I decided to go to Playa Norte & watch the sunset--hadn't done it in the 2 weeks we were on the island! It was kind of disappointing, not much color, so I went back to our room..ran into Ariel, the owner, and he said go up on the roof...... So I did..and was I glad I did! It was gorgeous...What a change in 15 minutes or so....enjoy! All from the 4th floor palapa at Sea Hawk

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shells & Sea Glass

Most mornings I tried t get to Media Luna beach for sunrise and shelling. I would see Cuda Bill ( he stays at the Vistalmar) most every day. These are photos of a portion of my stash!
Not sure what these shells are called--the ridged ones with the hole in the center--but I found many more than past years. And there were many more sea urchins, too. I found a few large shells, but mostly little ones.

I thought I took a photo of the larger ones, but can't find--I think I still have some pictures I haven't downloaded--will have to check.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garrafon Zipline

We had convinced friends from nearby that they'd like to come to Isla--they came for a week in the middle of our vacation. Did a tour around the island one day with the 1st stop being the Garrafon Zipline overlook. We were lucky that there were people trying it out! The ocean was a little rough .... Starting out

Two people out there at the same time( on different legs)

This woman got stuck & an employee had to go out & pull her in--he started out hand over hand but then flipped & did it with his feet!

She didn't go any further on the zipline!