Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't expect to see many posts til I get home

Once again we are at Jx so I could go on the internet, but we have newbie friends arriving today, so we will be out and about more for the next week. Plus we planned to eat in more! I'm out walking in the mornings--have averaged 5 miles a day! Did 2.2 before 8:30 this morning!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A quick post--early this morning

I was up & out early this morning and took these of the sunrise--the weather has been great & seems like it will be again today. Don't think I'll be blogging much, though. Went to the square to use the wifi--couldn't get on--am at Jax for breakfast today & using theirs. Had awonderful dinner last night with our student Gaby & Jo & Tim, Maggie & Tom & Felipe & Gabys family. Eleven of us & 4 cameras going!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Staying warm

Tuck's head is under the stove & it's pushing out a lot of BTU's!! We are finally getting some moderate temps--at least for winter in NE......mid 30's today.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Always the optimist!

The weather turned out a little nicer than expected today & everyone of my pets has been in & out all day! Tuck, being the great hunter that he is, decided to sit under the bird feeder--he lasted about 1/2 hour without any birds coming near him....then he gave up & came in!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drifting snow

I went up to the fairgrounds for awhile this morning. Our ribbon order has to be placed by 2/15 in order to get a 10% discount. Don't want to do it til a few days before ( have to pay now too)but I'll barely be back from Isla, so I want to have it ready to fax in. I don't think we'll be getting in this building for awhile--not that we have to. The only place that is heated on the fairgrounds is the office and it is used year round. I informed some of the board members that I will not be signing up for another term as secretary when my term is up in April 2011. Will stay involved with the fair in some capacity, just one with less responsibility.
Sorry for all the wintery photos--hopefully in a week or so I'll have sun & sand pictures to share!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fine feathered friends.....

I haven't been off of our property in 3 days! just have been out to fill the bird feeders, get the mail & papers & put out the recycling! the birds are crowding around the feeders since everything else is covered with snow. They move pretty fast so are hard to capture " on film"...How would you translate that phrase to digital? Don't think I want to!

Another cold day....

So I decided to start packing! I've gained some weight since our last trip & we didn't have much of a summer here in N.E., so I'm trying on clothes! Not a pretty site! Would much rather look at this gorgeous sunset........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another snowing, blowing day.....Isla can't come too soon!

Just took these out the window & back door--it's too cold to go outside! This is looking towards the barn. Out the back door--thru all the ice on the door--The minute I open the door to let the dog out ( he's back in seconds!) the ice forms on the glass.

Rafe through the ice. I was supposed to meet JoAnne to shop for our Isla student, but she hurt her foot--think I would have cancelled because of the weather anyway! Can't really even tell if it's actually snowing or if it's just blowing around--wind gusts up to 45 mph & wind chill at about zero.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Rafe's play date

We had snow again yesterday, but it was a bit warmer--up to 30. The past week has been very cold & even the dog hasn't wanted to go out. Alan couldn't get his tractor started ( needs to move it out of the barn so he can put his car in there while we are away), so he asked a friend to come over & help. Looking down the driveway. The friend brought his dog, Homer along to play with Rafe. He hasn't gotten much exercise lately so it was a treat. The meeting......
They ran around a bit , but Homer was a little too aggressive & Rafe wouldn't put up with that--he's much bigger, too. So he just walked away & came in the house!

The Black Lab statue we got around the time we got Rafe.......... The tractor was fixed fairly easily--needed a loose connection tightened!