Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick Road Trip

 Yesterday one of my friends had to make a quick trip to NYC ( Brooklyn, actually) for a project she's working on & since it was a beautiful day, I went along to keep her company.  So we went from this--the cows to this beautiful skyline in 2 short hours!
 Of course not without paying the toll--$6.50 each way!
 Another skyline shot.
Only stayed long enough to go to the book binding store so Ginny could get what she needed ( I got a few archival storage boxes that will be great for all the old family photos I acquired recently) and then headed home.    Back over the Whitestone Bridge again  ( and the $6.50 toll!) 

Stopped for lunch once we got out of the city & then at a great bakery for a cannoli just before we got back into CT.  It was a fun day!


Jana said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Thanks for sharing pics. You guys have some green grass...ours is all brown.

Ann said...

Jana--that's because we've had too much rain & you haven't had any!