Thursday, September 29, 2011

At the Big E!--State Buildings

The full name of the Big E is the Eastern States Exposition and each state in New England has a permanent building on the grounds and a special day i.e. " Connecticut Day" during the fair.  Above is the Massachusetts building.  Each building had food & crafts pertaining to their state--like Ben & Jerry's in VT, baked potatoes in ME and clam "chowda" in several!
Inside the Connecticut building there are booths from many companies that are based in the state; like Lego.
And lots of  Legos for the kids to  play with
Quite a few CT authors were there hoping you would buy their book & they would autograph it for you
Timex is located here & they were selling watches
In the Massachusetts building they had a large poster of a park passport--I was amazed at how many of the parks I had been to all over the state--thanks, Mom & Dad for taking us to so many places when we were growing up!
In the Rhode Island building they had a display of what looked like carved pumpkins in the foyer, when you get a little closer you can see that it is decals or paint--very well done though.
here's a closeup....
Saving the Maine building for another day! 

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