Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bumper Crop!

 Been harvesting lots out of the garden in the last week--these 3 butternut squashes and at least that many zucchinis..
 Too many to count Matt's Wild Cherries
 And the show isn't just in the vegetable garden.....the flowers are having a growth spurt, too.  Echinacea...
 And this rose bush is on it's 3rd go round of blooms!
 And this one is showing new flowers too!


Janet said...

Lovely pictures, I especially liked the picture of the roses. Janet

Ann said...

Thanks for commenting, Janet. The roses are some of my favorites, too!

Jackie said...

I want some of those tomatoes! They look, well, good enough to eat.

Alfandi said...

nice that you have your own garden..and gorgeous flower pics..

Ann said...

They definitely are, Jackie!
Thanks, Syed!