Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Challenge--Shoes

Someone whose blog I follow,  Kimberly Gauthier has teamed up with  another blogger & is having an 8 week photo challenge.  So I thought I'd try it out.  This weeks challenge is shoes.  So I thought I'd be a little different & post a photo of horseshoes!    These shoes are on some beautiful Percheron draft horses.
The photo was taken  with a Canon Digital Rebel--a few years ago , so I don't have any info on the settings

Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier

Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier


Alfandi said...

don't know about the horseshoes, but the horses are beautiful and you can see that they are moving in unison from the leg's movement.

Ann said...

Thanks, Alfandi for taking the time to comment.

Grizz said...

interesting take on the challenge I like it..thinking outside the box! Here is a new challenge for you I just added..

Jackie said...

Beautiful horses!