Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Challenge--week #3 Toys

 Our dog, Rafe has more toys than anyone else around here.  You can find them all over the yard & in the woods.  His favorite at the present time is a plush gingerbread man.    There are also soccer balls, frisbees and a few other stuffed animals--the stuffed animals are the only ones allowed in the house!

camera--Canon Powershot G12
ISO 800
Exposure 0.125 sec
Aperture f4.0
Focal Length 21.5 mm
added the second photo so you could see the piping on the gingerbread man!
Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier


Life's a Beach! said...

Great photo Ann! Saby has an entire basket of torn up dog toys in the family room. They're torn because that's her mission in life. Craig recently inserted an empty water bottle into the ripped seam in one of her mangled stuffed toys. Now we know when she's playing with her toys behind the sofa!

Ann said...

Sounds like Rafe! he has lots of toys all over!