Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Butter Sculptures & Beef

Last Friday I went to the Big E ( Eastern States Exposition) The Big E  in West Springfield, MA. it's called New England's largest fair--all the states in NE are represented!  I hadn't gone in years & I convinced one of my friends we should go--that wasn't too hard since she knew her nephew would be there showing his cattle.
 The butter sculptures were right outside the Mallory Center where the beef showing was held.
 Sorry for the glare off the glass, but aren't these interesting?  The guy was inside the glass case working on these when I took the photos--all the tiny curls that make up the sheep's fur are amazing!  not sure what the girls in the background is doing!
 Here's one of the classes being judged and a photo of one of Alex's Charolais
More to come!


Anonymous said...

Cool! We've been to the Big E and we're going to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine over Columbus Day week-end. Island Nana

Ann said...

Fryeberg Fair is great! Quite a few people from Goshen go up to it! have a great time.