Monday, July 6, 2009

First time blooming!

A few years ago my brother brought me a buch of lilies that he had thinned out of his yard. We planted them along the edge of our front lawn. This is the first year that any of them have bloomed. These 2 mark the entrance to our pet cemetary ( look closely & you can see a pile of rocks marking a dog's grave)
Another view.
A close up. I always thought they were probably too wet in this spot, but considering how much rain we've had, maybe they were'nt wet enough!


Bennie said...

These look like the lillies I have in my front yard.

Jamqueen said...

These orange ones are the ones you see everywhere! They grow by the roadside around here!

Anonymous said...

someone told me they are called "ditchlillies". is that the right name if you went and bought them??

Jackie said...

Wow! Wild lilies? I have never seen that in Oregon.