Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladder Ball anyone?

Had a few friends over last weekend & one brought the game "Ladder Ball" for everyone to try. We had a tournament of sorts going most of the afternoon!
I had never heard of the game, but it was easy to pick up ..... most worked up quite a thirst in this fun competition!


Life's a Beach! said...

Never heard of it! But all the green grass and trees look so pretty to me!

Isla Deb said...

Never heard of it, either, but it looks like everyone was having fun...and that's what counts!

Jamqueen said...

I'd never heard of it before last weekend, but I was talking to a friend that goes camping & she said it was the hot game in campgrounds last year---by mid summer you couldn't find it in the stores! I just went to WalMart & got one for $20.
All that grass & trees used to be one of our horse pastures!

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

What is the object of the game? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Jamqueen said...

Different levels of points, need a score of 21 to win-middle rung is 3 pts., bottom rung 2 pts and top is 1 pt. You throw something similar to a bolo--you can see it in peoples hands. From the web:
After all players have tossed their bolos, the score is determined by the bolos remaining on the rungs. Players can knock-off bolos during the course of the game. Knocking-off other players bolos is a good way to play defensively because the bolos that are knocked off do not count as points. If two opponents land on the same rung they cancel each other out and if a bolo is wrapped around one of the vertical side posts it doesn't count. Only bolos that are left hanging on the horizontal rungs after all bolos are tossed count as points.


Points are determined by which rung your bolo wraps around. The top rung is worth 3 points, the middle rung is worth 2 points, and the bottom rung is only worth 1 point. Players can score an optional bonus point by hanging all 3 bolos from the same rung. This is called a hat trick. Another bonus point can be scored by hanging one bolo on each of the three rungs. This is called a full rack. The highest amount of points available per player is 10. This is accomplished by hanging all 3 bolos on the top rung.

Bennie said...

Wow you introduced a lot of folks to a new game. I had never heard of this before either. I'm with Beck what beautiful grass and trees.