Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unearthing lots of goodies!

 We are making an effort to clean alot of extraneous stuff out of our house.  After my brother & I had to clean out my Aunt's I was determined not to leave my house in the same shape.  Have been filing one bag a day.
 But yesterday I found a large bag of shells & seaglass I had to have brought home from Isla a few years ago  & somehow it ended up in the attic.  Everything was wrapped well so nothing seemed to be broken--not even the sea urchins( the big one was chipped when I found it).  And I finally looked up the names of these cone shaped shells--called Siphonariidae--i usually find quite a few of them.

it's quite a haul... this is only a small portion of it!


Grizz said...

I think we all have to do it I know I have more stuff than I need or ever imagined would stockpile..
Interesting shells though...also running a new challenge at my blog if you are so inclined.. all you have to do is guess...

Ann said...

I will look at it, thanks!