Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Kelly's Pond

 I was driving through town yesterday & spotted these birds all lined up on a rock, so I turned around & parked & got out to take a few photos.  the vivid setting on my camera makes this water a little strange looking--see all th estreaks of purple in it?
 Are they seagulls?  We live a few hours from the shoreline, but some do end up here.....passing through on their way somewhere else!  To my Mexico friends--doesn't this look like the black whales on Playa Norte?


MD in Texas said...

That was my first thought....they have "whales" in the lakes up north?

Interesting setting on the camera though..

Life's a Beach! said...

They look like gulls to me!

Ann said...

It is a rock--with lots of bird sh*t on it! And Becky, we do see seagulls --there's lots of water around, just not ocean!--it's probably close to 2 hours to the closest shoreline.