Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Snow Photos!

 It stopped snowing early in the morning on Sunday--we got at least 18 inches--I started out with regular winter boots on, but went to knee high rubber boots--the snow was up to my knees!  This is looking down the driveway!
 We didn't get plowed out til late in the afternoon on Sunday... not that we could go anywhere--all around here there was no power!
Alan cleaning off his truck; it's a Ford F1-150 so he could get out even though the driveway hadn't been plowed!


Alfandi said...

I still remember the snow during my college days in New Hampshire..had to dig my car out before leaving for class..

Ann said...

yes, we get alot of snow, but this much in October is unusual even for here! Where did you go to college!