Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the Trees & On the Ground--All Around!

 Sunday, before the driveway was plowed I took the dog out for a walk.  We could hear the turkeys cackling to each other from somewhere--looked up & there they were!
 Tried to get some photos--not easy to stand in the snow looking straight up into the trees!
 They were "talking to one another & flying from branch to branch!  The snow was too deep for them to be on the ground!

 The close ups were all done with the zoom on my camera--the pine trees are pretty tall!
 Yesterday the snow had melted enough that they were on the ground looking for food.  I drove in & they were across the driveway--really didn't want to move so I could get in!
 But the minute I got too close they scurried into the woods!

This is our entertainment living out in the country!


Life's a Beach! said...

Don't they know Thanksgiving is in three weeks! Run turkeys, run!!!

Grizz said...

They are just taunting But great captures nonetheless..!

Ann said...