Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pam's Garden

 Last weekend I went up to one of my "hometowns"  & did some visiting!    Saturday I went to a HS friends house & we chatted most of the day--had so much to catch up on!  her home is the 3rd oldest in Andover.
 Pam maintains some beautiful gardens around the house--amazing since she spends alot of her time in Maine also!  There were so many things in the garden still growing!  ( this is NE of where I live & I've already ripped most of my gardens out!)
 Lots of herbs.

 She tries to teach people to use what they  have around the house --this is an improvised trellis
 Broccoli growing again!
 Morning Glories
 And the strawberries are blossoming again!
 Beautiful cabbages
 And zinnias
 Pam in the garden
 Growing hops on a trellis
 This speaks for itself!  I had a wonderful afternoon with Pam--we share alot of the same interests--gardening, canning --we made plans to both enter our canning at the Big E next year!


Carol Brightman Johnson said...

Beautiful post, Ann. Pam's gardens are lovely and the spirit behind them is too.

Ann said...

Thanks, Carol!