Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Flashback--way back!

Have been sorting through boxes of my Aunt's & found negatives of family photos I have never seen before!  Started scanning some yesterday ( such a tedious process) --did you know that negatives in the 1940's were a different size than they are today?  They are all slightly (1/4" or so) longer so they don't fix the  space  correctly.
This is one of my favorites of the ones I found so far.  It was taken on Main St. in Melrose, MA.   My sister & I in the stroller ( I'm the one with the jaunty hat! ) and my Mom & Dad--looks like the fall--it's 1949--I'm approx. 1 yr old.  My Mom & Dad were 28 & 30.
See all the old cars in the background?

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