Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maine Building at the Big E

It's all about the food!  First food that we consumed was a Wicked Whoopie pie--red velvet --lots of kinds to choose from but I love red velvet!

The we walked around and looked at the different craft items--thought this was a unique use of old license plates

Stopped by this booth where the gentleman was selling prints of different light houses from New England--they were beautiful!
There was alsobaked potatoes, "lobsta" rolls, and blueberry stuff for sale!

On to the next building!


Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, you're killing me with this post! Love Maine, love lobsta rolls (Red Eats!), and want to reach through the laptop screen and grab one of those whoopee pies! YUM!!!

Ann said...

I wish the whoopie pies froze well so I could keep a stockpile here! Alas, the cream filling doesn't stand up well. I just get a fix when I go to visit family!