Friday, June 11, 2010

CSI--Goshen ?

We had a bad storm yesterday afternoon & this is some of the aftermath--my 1st thought was it loks like the chalk drawing they do around a body at a crime scene! We got 5 inches of rain in an hour accompanied by hail, thunder & lightning. Lots of the mulch that I've been spreading over the last week or so is now on the lawn!
On the other side of town a teenage girl was riding her horse back to the stable & both of them were struck by lightning ( both are doing ok now)

Will be spending time this weekend shoveling up the mulch & spreading it again!


Jackie said...

Sounds like the weather we've been having lately.

Life's a Beach! said...

Wow! When we lived in the Midwest, we'd get some amazing storms like that. And we get the occasional shocking weather event down here in Arizona. The Midwest and East are sure getting battered this year!