Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you seen these?

Walked around where I work & looked for a few different items to post. This tuna can drainer is a real waste of money I think. For me it would be just one more thing to find a place to store--and how often would you use it?! It's already been marked down once & I'm sure it will be again before we get rid of them!But the tomato saver ( & the onion, lemon, lime etc) is a great item -- We can't keep them in stock! And people come back to buy for gifts! It used to be people would spend $25 for a gift & now it''s $3.79! ( But I know I'm spending less myself, too)
I work in a family owned retail store & it is very slow!!! We can go a few hours & not see a customer. It is a very fickle business--one day you may have someone come in & drop a few hundred $$ on dinnerware or prints or cookware,then the next day nothing; very inconsistent . I'll only be working a few more weeks & then I take the summer off to prepare for the Goshen Fair. I just handed off my 1st draft of the fair book to the graphics person who makes all the changes to take to the printer. It will be the 97th fair this year and we're hoping for a good one!


Bennie said...

Wow the Tuna Mate. How did we ever live without this one?

Life's a Beach! said...

I don't think there is any pleasant way to open that can of tuna and get rid of the liquid! I finally decided last week that I'm sick of tuna salad sandwiches at lunch! My personal favorite useless kitchen appliance was the bacon cooker! Remember those? Someone gave me one back in the 70's!

Jamqueen said...

Bennie--I don't know ! There are alot of bizzarre gadgets out there! Our store usually doen't get many of the weirder things, but once in awhile I think he has an off day & orders somthing strange--this is a case in point!
Beck-I remember those--they were a big seller back then! We don't eat much bacon anymore, so I usually just keep some of the all ready cooked kind in the freezer! Gotta have a BLT when there's great tomatoes!

Karen said...

I have some from tupperware a red one for tomatoes amd white for onions they are great
The Tuna thing I agree