Saturday, December 6, 2008

More christmas decorations

A few more shots from around the store. We are expecting a little snow this weekend--1-2 inches. Kinda hope we get it because it really doen't seem like Christmas time here. I spent the day yesterday in Greater Hartford shopping with a friend ( and helping her set up a new computer & DSL)--I was very happy to get back out here in the country! The powers that be that say people are scaling back for Xmas weren't out yesterday--all the stores I went to were busy and it was during the week!
Hope this puts a smile on your face!


Vee said...

How cheery! I noticed a little sock monkey ornament in the first photo. I love sock monkeys! I know a photographer who helped compile a book about them:

There's a link to the authors' Web site at the end of the article. It's lots of fun.

What a fun way to begin my Saturday morning. Thanks, Ann!

Life's a Beach! said...

So festive Ann! I can't wait now to get home and put up my Christmas tree!

Sue said...

Great pictures, I love Christmas decorations. I don't love putting them up and taking them down, but I enjoy the middle part! And I don't miss the snow, the island is really looking festive - more and more every day. Something cool about palm trees and Christmas lights. :-)

Jamqueen said...

Vee, Becky & ue--Thanks
Sue, I hope we see some photos of the palm trees & lights on your blog!

Isla Deb said...

I gave my Christmas tree to my son in Austin this season, so I guess I'll have to celebrate Christmas vicariously through your blog!