Monday, December 15, 2008

It's all over but the cleanup....mostly

A tree crew came through Sat. afternoon & cut the trees off the lines so the power company could come in & fix the lines. What a mess!
They leave everything where it falls--Alan went out with his tractor & pushed stuff off the driveway so we could get in & out.

You can see in this photo the pole is still leaning & the wires are are still hanging--another crew will be back to fix that!

One of our neighbors will be down today to start the cleanup--we're borrowing a woodchipper for the small stuff & he wants the bigger logs--has a log furnace ( not sure exactly what they are called) & will burn any type of wood in it--this is white pine.

We were blessed that it wasn't worse--many people in NE are still without power and have been told it could be a week or so before they have it back!


Vee said...

I'm glad you're making some progress. Looks like a BIG job!

Jamqueen said...

It is a big job! We thought we would have to hire a tree co. to come & clean up --would cost $1500.00 easily, but a neighbor said he'd do it for the wood & supplies so we lucked out. And when I called to cancel our reservations a the hotel near my family they gave us a credit! I had booked online at a bargain price with cancellation up to a week before--but they had no power also on fri, so we got a credit. Like I said we were lucky!

Isla Deb said...

That's one thing I definitely DON'T miss about the change of seasons! But it's COLD down here today...35 degrees right now! You should see these big ol' tough Texans shivering in their boots! lol

Sue said...

Gotta love those neighbors who need the wood. We used to have one of those efficient wood-burning fireplaces (ours was made in Norway), and it used to heat the entire lower level of the house). Sorry to lose the trees, but at least the wood will go to a good use. And I hope I never have to see another ice storm!