Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas present for the cats

We went to visit my brother & his family & my Mom this past weekend and Karen ( my SIL) had bought a gift for her cats , but they wanted nothing to do with it. So she gave it to me to take home for our cats. This is a photo of their cats, Pink & Blue. Well, my cats loved it! It's a cornucopia shaped crinkily bag--it makes alot of noise & has catnip in it--I put it on the floor & there was a waiting line to get in it!
Squeak taking his turn...

And Tuck almost totally inside--he's the one that likes to burrow in & under things! The 3rd cat barely had a chance at the toy!


Karen said...

I am glad they like it pink and blue don't know what they are missing

Isla Deb said...

That's funny...I just took some pictures of one of my cats burrowing into a plastic bag with some soft socks that I had bought my son's girlfriend. You gotta love those kitties.