Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mendenhall Glacier & Auke Bay

This waterfall was off to the side of Mendenhall Glacier. I went there on a phto excursion from the cruise ship when we were in Juneau. You go out with a small group & a pro photographer--they take you places depending on the weather & guide you to take better photos. The group( 9 people) I was with had quite a range of people from a pro photographer from Austrailia to several people that still use film cameras.
The tour company had rain ponchos and monopod/walking sticks for everyone to use. This is the actual glacier. We were across a small pond from it, on walking trails.
We were told if anyone saw something they thought the rest of the group would be interested in, please let us know--so someone said--do you see the bear up in the tree?! Luckily I had a zoom lens--it was quite high up!
After leaving Mendenhall we went to Auke Bay and boarded a small boat designed for picture taking. All the windows opened inward, so you could sit & take photos--it was great! I would highly recommmend this trip to anyone going to Juneau. More photos from out on the water tomorrow.Posted by Picasa

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Life's a Beach! said...

Great photos Ann! I regret not visiting Alaska while we lived in the Northwest. Craig always had the state as part of his region, so he worked up there occasionally. I should have tagged along! And I would have missed the bear!