Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goshen Fair 1920's

Found these photos at the Historical Society & made copies for the Ag Society to have. This is our local volunteer fire department--we still have just a volunteer company today. Please click on the photos to enlarge--I uploaded the files too large & so I had to post these in the small size in order to post all 3.
Everything used to be shown ( flowers, canning etc.) in these tents. We then went to Quonset huts & then to permanent buildings. Below is another view. We have added a few parcels of land over the years, so now we have approx. 120 acres.
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Isla Deb said...

Great photos! Can you imagine getting all dressed up to go to a fair these days?? It looks like they had on their Sunday best...hats and everything! What a different time that was! Compare those to the fair pics I recently took and it's a totally different world.

Jamqueen said...

Found a few from the 1st year--1911--wait til you see those clothes. The fair started with just horse races--the fairgrounds are located on a great straightaway--and evolved to what it is today.