Tuesday, October 28, 2008


All of these photos were taken at Magic Wings butterfly place in Deerfield, Ma. I have been here several times and also to Butterfly Place in Westford , Ma. Magic Wings is a great day trip from my house & it's just down the road the world headquarters of Yankee Candle--they have a huge series of stores & a nice restaurant there. FYI--I didn't spend alot of time looking up the names--I bought a cheat sheet at Magic Wings with photos & names on it! Piano Key butterfly---(Heliconius melpomene)
Julia butterfly ( Dryas iulia)
Hecale Longwing (heliconius hecale)
Rice Paper (Idea ieuconoe)
Indian leaf butterfly ( Kallima paralekta)


Life's a Beach! said...

Beautiful Ann! I really like the last one -- the Indian butterfly. On our bike rides, we've noticed that some type of butterfly is migrating through Arizona right now. We rode through hundreds of them over by the lake on the weekend, and I noticed some in our backyard this morning.

Isla Deb said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous. They're so sharp and the color is so vivid!

Jamqueen said...

That's my favorite out of these, too! I try to go there once a year --they always have new varieties & I know I'll never get anywhere else to see so many!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What fabulous details!