Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flea market

Over the weekend I went to a flea market in Stormville, NY with a few of my friends. The market is held once a month from April to Nov. and we try to go a couple of times a year. Even if you don't buy anything ( which rarely happens) it's a fun day out with friends. in the fall months there is usually this farm stand from Goshen, NY with great produce--most of the money I spent was there! Bought potatoes, lots of carrots and radishes--some for us & some to give away.
The radishes were large and are almost sweet; very good!

It was a fun day; beautiful weather, and great friends to spend it with! Sunday we spent the day with Treasureman & his bride. Hadn't seen them in awhile, so we went down--about 1 hr. south of us. Another beautiful day--we were able to sit outside all afternoon! Always a great time when we get together.
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Isla Deb said...

Great shots...love the colors!! I think you made a great new camera choice!

Beck said...

Love flea markets in New England! When my friends and I were in Maine a few years ago, we hit a few flea markets in between antique stores. Good stuff! And nice photos!

Jamqueen said...

Thanks for the comments!
Deb---i didn't use the new camera--took the much easier to carry Canon A640

Isla Deb said...

Well, there you go! You take great pictures no matter what camera you use!

Anonymous said...

I still like to look at the photos I took a couple of years ago of all of the colors at the local farmer’s market. Great photos and have to agree that you made a good choice on the new camera.