Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vasilow's Confectionery

Yesterday Sandy & I went on a road trip to Hudson, NY to Vasilow's Confectionery & we have a blast!  Lots of easter candy & other fun stuff!      Vasilow's
                                              St. Patrick's Day display

 Here's Jim & Kate--the owners.  We know them because of a mutual love of Isla Mujeres.  It's always great to meet people in the area we live in in the US that travel to Isla.  I decided it wasn't too far away from where I live & drove over 2 years ago...have gone back a few times since!
 More Easter candy.
 A cute Easter display.  i think we each walked around 10 times deciding on what we were going to buy.  And then stopping to talk alot in between!
 Orange jelly beans
 Chocolate bunnies
 Sandy mulling over the choices.....  We stayed for at least 2 hours & had a great time visiting.  And already stated planning to go back in a few months!
They also have a business( website) called Almost Isla where they sell pepitas, Punta Sur Peanut Brittle and various other chocolates named for places on Isla  Almost Isla shop.  I got 6 bags of peanut brittle!


Life's a Beach! said...

This post is killing me! Gotta get me some chocolate! What a fun day for you and Sandy.

Ann said...

I brought home alot! Trying to pace the eating of it--so far one piece a day! But I haven't broken into the peanut brittle yet--could easily devour a whole bag!

Jana said...

Jim and Kate are awesome and so is their candy!!!!! I want some of those bunnies. Mmmmm....

Ann said...

Thanks, Jana!

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