Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 I have a small collection of Talavera pottery--I've been bringing home a few pieces every year from Mexico.   When I went to the CT Flower show earlier  this month, I spotted a vendor who was selling LOTS of Talavera!    I was in Heaven--so far have only brought home smaller pieces that would fit in my carryon bag, so his selection was a treat!

 I ended up buying 3 pieces & my friend that was with me bought another piece for me for my birthday...I won't get it til Sept!  Below are 2 of the pieces I got--my hibiscus is going in the taller one & probably some herbs or annuals in the long one.  The piece I'm getting as a gift is a ginger jar all out of butterflies --attached at the wings & all cutwork.  Will be used with a light inside --I better get a photo of it--kind of hard to describe!
The vendor told me he doesn't do many shows, but does have a warehouse sale a few times a year....can't wait to go to one of those!

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Life's a Beach! said...

Gorgeous! I love your display in your cabinet!