Friday, March 16, 2012


 I've always loved this spot  here in town--I drive by it on the way to the vets & I  have made that trip numerous times over the years!  Today I had to go pick up a refill for Rafe's Deramaxx pills & when I went by I noticed a for sale sign. I told Alan about it when I got home.......

Here's the house that goes with the pond
So I decided I'd look it up to see how much it is being sold for ( not that we're looking!--just wanted to know)
Here's what I found.....  Well, I can dream can't I?  On the site I looked at it was the most expensive place on the market here in town!    Yikes!

555 MILTON RDRef#: L138383
Town: GOSHEN List Price: $1,995,000
#Bedrooms: 4 #Baths: 3.1
Style: Colonial SqFt: 3,281
Boxwood Farm: Charming 1800's Colonial in immaculate condition surrounded by 19 acres of meadows and paddocks overlooking pond and a beautiful view. Bordered by Watershed protected land.  Kentucky style equestrian facility


Life's a Beach! said...

That's a really hefty price tag for 3200 square feet! Looks like homes in CT have not gone the way of homes in Phoenix!

Ann said...

I don't think they have! Interestingly , the site I looked at ( MLS) had over 100 houses for sale ( in a town of 3000 people). Some looked like they had been reduced--I was surprised at the # of houses under 300, 000. We have a man made lake with a planned community around it & the majority of the houses for sale are there. I think with the house I showed alot of the price is because of the land.