Monday, November 3, 2008

Invasion of the wild turkeys!

Yesterday morning I went to the back door to let the dog out & there were lots of turkeys around. We have alot that live on our property, but usually don't see them so close to the house. there probably were 2 dozen in all & they were on all sides of the hose.

I grabbed my camera & put telephoto lens on ( this was taken from inside the house) They were on the hill right above our patio.

Of course, the dog was choping at the bit to go out & chase them away, but I made him stay in so I could take pictures! He's ok with them on the property, but doesn't like them in his area!

Everyday late in the afternoon I usually see the turkeys--they roost in our trees & then come down & walk around, but this was the most I'd seen at one time!

This guy is on our patio, maybe 6 ft. from the back door!


Life's a Beach! said...

Well Ann, even if the world goes to hell in a handbasket in the next few weeks, you can still have Thanksgiving! :D Just kidding! Great photos!

Jamqueen said...

Very true, Becky! Never had wild turkey( the food, not the booze) but I think all you can eat is the breast meat. We are having Thanksgiving with Treasureman & Rosie at their hose--been doing that for a few years.

Vee said...

Ann, your blog is always interesting, and your photos are always lovely. I hope to visit your part of the country one day and see it for myself.

Jamqueen said...

Vee--Thanks for visiting! Our door is always open if you ever get up here!

Isla Deb said...

We used to have wild turkeys in our yard when we lived in South Dakota. The dog loved to chase them. Now we have an occasional road runner here in South Texas. Great pics!