Friday, September 26, 2008

Fair Friday #2

From the dairy show at this year's Goshen Fair. The kids start young showing cattle. They have to be able to lead the cow on their own.

A reluctant cow. This young man had a class winning cow, so he was in & out of the ring at least twice & the cow wasn't happy.
And neither was this one. Except for the calves, the cows weigh more than the handler so it's interesting to see how the kids handle their animals. All of the people that show cattle put in a lot of time, feeding, milking, and grooming the animals, so winning a blue ribbon is appreciated.
This is the Grand Champion of the whole Dairy Cattle show. The handler, Adam is trying to have her stand still so the judge can get a good look at her.


Beck said...

I love the photos of the kids with the stubborn cows! I went to the county fair every year growing up because our town was the county seat. It brings back fond memories! Thanks Ann!

Jamqueen said...

Aren't those great--really get to see some of the work the kids do with their animals.

couzin frank said...

Have enjoyed the county fairs all my life. Thanks for the pics Ann.