Friday, September 26, 2008

The colors of fall

We live in a beautiful section of Connecticut--there's a lot of open land still. Our town has 5 acre zoning so there aren't houses on top of each other except in the center of town where all the homes were built before zoning rules. The road I live on is about a mile long and ends in another town & in Mohawk State Forest. There is a scenic overlook & observation tower in the park. These are a few shots driving up to the tower.
The leaves are just starting to change--hopefully the rain we had yesterday didn't knock too many of them off the trees so it will still be pretty.
I'll be going to see my mom next weekend & will take a camera--further north it should be nice now.
The view from the base of the tower--looking towards Massachusetts


Beck said...

Wish I was there Ann! I love New England in the fall!

Isla Deb said...

I am SOOOO envious. There's no "Fall" in Texas and I miss it so's always been my favorite season. It was in the 90's today. :-( Keep taking pictures so that I can at least see it through your camera!

Jamqueen said...

Beck--Anytime you want to come visit....
Deb--I will try--we are surrounded by woods & the colors are beautiful! I have never lived anywhere other than NE( have lived in MA, CT, NH & ME) and really don't have any desire to--EXCEPT Isla in the winter!