Monday, September 15, 2008

Alaska sunsets

These are just a few of the gorgeous sunsets we saw when we were in Alaska this summer. It was hard to get used to the change in # of hours of sunlight--and just when we got accustomed , we came home!
The 1st day I was up at 4:30--it was 8:30 east coast time.....and it was light out.
These were all taken at approx. 9:30-10 pm
These 2 are totally untouched--the sky looked just like this....
Totally amazing! Just like all the towns we visited...wish we had had time to see more, hopefully we'll go back sometime.


Sue said...

Wow - they are all beautiful but that last one - stunning!

Isla Deb said...

How breathtaking! You should post more pics from Alaksa. I'd love to go there someday but will have to live vicariously through your photos for now!

Jamqueen said...

Deb--I will post more--I had done a lot on my blog on Bob's board. Between Alan & I we took about 1300 photos plus videos, so I have lots to share
Sue, thank you.

Doris said... your new blog...GR8 PIX! ISLAQUEEN, aka ISLARAIN