Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Still

Went to a great part last night at the lake near our house.    Across the lake fireworks were shot off.  My photos didn't turn out very good,  my timing was off taking the pictures, but here's one of them!
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Life's a Beach! said...

Great shot Ann! Sounds like you had a nice Fourth of July weekend! I love the combination of fireworks and water!

Jana said...

It's tough to get pics of fireworks! Nice one. :)

Ann said...

Thanks! The day started out rainy so we went up to the party ( got a good parking space that way1) I had to walk home later to feed Rafe & give him his insulin)--about a 15 minute trek with hills! That way I sweated off the hard cider I had been drinking! I have videos--they even had a band!