Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Beach at NaBalam

Have been looking through quite a few old photos lately & spotted this one taken on our 1st trip to Isla Mujeres.  Look at how wide the beach was at NaBalam?  We knew very little about the island before we went--Alan wanted to go somewhere to fish!  Have gone back at least once a year since!
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Salome said...

Thanks so much for this memory. How nice to think about our first visits to the island back in the mid-90's. We would spend all day on the NaBalam beach...until they rang the bell for happy hour at 3pm. The little pool in the water around the corner was our "hot tub". Lots of friends just sat in a big circle and talked and talked. One year we even had the "Isla Olympics" on that beach. The girls and guys made teams "The Bucks" and "The Beavers". We played softball and bowled. It was so much fun!

Ann said...

Thanks so much for sharing your memories! We stayed at Nabalam the 1st 2 years we went to Isla & loved it!