Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travel Tuesday

Back in 1972, after a year of teaching High School Home Ec, I decided teaching wasn't for me & thought I would do a little traveling with one of my friends for a few months.  The above photo was taken at one of our first campsites--all the comforts of home, right?  A 2 man pup tent & enough room in the car to sleep if it rained!
Another campsite along the way--probably a month or so into the trip!  Despite the trials & tribulations on the trip-(-I never spoke to my friend again after we got home) I think this is when the travel bug bit me!
me in front of a giant redwood!
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Life's a Beach! said...

I love this post Ann! Great classic photos! Funny how travel can wreck a friendship. I've had two close friendships come undone, mostly due to things that happened when we traveled together. Another friend talks about the trip from hell when she and three college sorority sisters rented an Ixchel condo on Isla several years ago. They'd forgotten that one of the women drove the rest of them insane back in the college years, and some things never change. LOL

Ann said...

Thanks, Becky!