Friday, April 27, 2012

Moby Dick's

Last weekend we went to the Cape ( Cape Cod) for my Aunt's memorial service & to take care of some paperwork for settling her estate.  We stayed at a place that I usually stay--the Bayside Resort--really like it, but please remind me not to ever go again when it's school vacation!  I forgot that Massachusetts ties their vacation week to Patriot's Day ( not the NE Patriots tho some might think so!) not Easter.   Had everything planned so couldn't change when I realized.  The small bar at the resort is called Moby Dick Pub.  Someone was at a bar in Pensacola Florida & saw the money pinned up evreywhere & they decide to do it on the Cape.
 Nobody knows exactly how much $$$ is actually up there, but it is definitely in the thousands!
Had to end with the Corona sign in the corner!

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