Friday, February 10, 2012

Shell & Glass hunting

 I have been very lucky in my daily walks looking for glass & shells.  Found a new spot ( at least new to me).  The above photo is what I found yesterday.
 A closeup of some of the shells.  And a cool piece of coral.
This spot has had a variety of shells ; not much seaglass--Alan has told me I probably will need another suitcase for all I've picked up.  Decided I better not go out looking tomorrow!


Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, carry it on with you! Ha! That's our trick. That way the weight on the bags doesn't go over the limit. (The negative is that it's very hard on the back!) Wish I was there on the hunt!

Ann said...

Our bags were both way under ( like at 35-40 lbs) so that's not a problem! Wrapped all the fragile ones in tissues. That stuff is all packed -in shoes, in plastic bags, etc.