Monday, February 27, 2012

Macro Monday

This is  another photo from the flower show.  Magic Wings of Deerfield, MA. had a booth & had some butterflies in a large glass display case & then were selling seeds for plants that attract butterflies & other stuff.  I had wanted to get a few things, but didn't want to carry them around so  I said I'd go back.  Well, I found other things I wanted more, so I didn't go back--guess that just means I'll have to drive there sometime!


Tom said...

The Butterfly Place (actual name) is a really neat place if one likes 'mariposas'-been there a couple of times. We plant butterfly attracting flowers, bushes etc for both the butterflies & the humming birds. Orange butterfly bushes seem to attract the most, at least for us here on the NH seacoast.
You might miss out on the white junk late tomorrow but i think I'll end up using the plow for the first time this season, about which I really shouldn't complain. :)

Ann said...

Thanks, Tom. I think we'll be getting some snow--we're right on the line between the 3-6" and the 7+. The place closer to you is called the Butterfly Place ( in Westford) but the one in Deerfield is called Magic Wings. Have enjoyed going to both places.

Tom said...

Hi Ann:

Thanks for the clarification-guess I'd better start paying more attention to my 'butterfly' locations. :)

Actually, the best place for us to see them is when we're sitting on our rear patio- means it's warm outside.

I think you're right-odds are on for snow. I was hoping to get thru the year without plowing-a first. But, given that we're in New England, anything is still possible weather-wise so maybe.

Ann said...

Would love to get through the winter with no snow, too! And now this storm has seemed to fizzled somewhat...But we're used to screwy weather here in NE, right?

Alfandi said...

better late than never..this is too beautiful to miss..