Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trip to Vasilow's

On Monday I went to Vasilow's Confectionery, a shop in NY state owned by two fellow Islaholics, Jim & Kate.  It's about an hour from my house & a nice drive through some beautiful countryside.  What a great store!  I arrived right when they opened and started making my pile on the counter!
One of my friends usually goes with me, but was unable to this time, so I had a list of things to pick up for her & another friend.  First I spotted these large candy canes dipped in chocolate.
Then move on to theAlmost Isla section where I got chocolate discs and spicy peanut brittle!
I love the dipped ginger & apricots ( that's what's in the left corner)
And the truffles.......
lots of flavors.....
This chex mix is a different combination!
All kinds of yummy candies ; I just kept walking around picking stuff up!
No photos but I also got chocolate covered twizzlers and dark chocolate covered pretzels and several flavors of malted milk balls.
And already making plans to go back with Sandia before Easter.

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