Thursday, July 14, 2011

Treasured Memories Thursday

Last week I picked up lots of boxes at my brother's that I had packed up last month when we emptied my Aunt's apartment.  Spent the morning today going through 2 of them.  It took awhile because I had to stop & read cards or look at photos!  It's amazing ( and wonderful for us) what she had kept.  So I decided to start  a treasured memory day once a week.
This is a photo taken around 1930: from the far right--my Mom, her mother, Hazel, holding my aunt Barbara
( she died at the age of 5), my Aunt Kay ( in the dark cloche) ; a few unnamed people and then my grandfather, Peter P. Carney.  The back of the photo says"  First delivery of milk by air--Pittsburgh Airport about 1930"


Ann said...

Someone must have spilled ink on the photo & tried to clean it up!

Carol said...

Ann, I am just awestruck with these old photos of my relatives, and this picture of Barbara, whom I had only heard of from my mom - these are all priceless.