Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dinner at Fredy's

On our last night on Isla our group of 17 decided to have dinner together at Fredy's.  Zach and Andrea visit with one of the cats
Madelyn, Linda, Patty and Julie waiting for the table to be ready
 Most of the group plus Fredy!
 Looking at the menu...hard to decide what to have!

 Doug raising his glass ( beer) to toast Sandia & Brian & the group!
 All join in!
 Barbara, Fredy & Julie
All the food was delicious...I had the famous pork chops!


Jackie said...

Yum! Love the pork chop but last time I had one I had to give about 1/3 of it to my SIL. I took the leftover little potatoes to my apartment and had them for a couple of days fried with an egg. There is always enough food for more than one meal for me.

Ann said...

Thanks, Jackie!

Sandia said...

What a good time we all had! Great pics Ann....glad you guys shared the whirlwind week with us!

Ann said...

Me, too!