Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friends & Bison

For about a week I had been chatting with my friend, Carol about her coming over to see the bison--she is a painter and wants to take some photos & then create paintings.  So I arranged with my neighbor Theresa to take us on the farm to see them.

Theresa & Carol walking down to the field where the mommas & new babies are.

Carol taking photos

One of the mommas & babies--there are at least 10 babies so far

One of the expectant moms

a young one

And I couldn't pass up a photo of the Highland Cattle--the 2 females are expecting, too!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Ann ... I enjoyed all of this ... I am an animal lover ... a few springs ago I was in Yellowstone and saw lots of young Buffalo ... but your photos are far better than any I have ... thank you kindly! holly gleason

Ann said...

Thanks, Holly!