Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Going to Try to get back into Blogging!

 Last week I happened to look out the window & saw a flock of turkeys close to the house.  So close I could only take photos through a window--if I had opened a door they would have run away!

 So the cat was in the room with me & really wanted to go out, but I don't think he would have known what to do when confronted with them--they could have pecked him to death!

 The turkeys live in our tall pine trees--it doesn't happen often but it is cool to get to watch them fly!


JoAnne in CT said...

great pics, Ann!

Anonymous said...

Ann, you've inspired me to try to get back to blogging also. But, because I'm a word junkie, there won't be many photos - I find adding them cumbersome with my blog site. First new installment coming up about my Federal jury duty experience.

Judy Searle, Island Nana