Monday, February 25, 2013

Cecilia's Creations

Now that we are home I am going to try and post more of the photos I took on vacation .  Here's a start!  Cecilia, the daughter of the woman who works at SeaHawk ( Thelmi ) comes to the dive shop most days after school.  Sometimes she comes to visit us if we happen to be in our room.
We have been staying there since before she was born ( she will be 8 in March ) so we have watched her grow up!  She is a very creative little girl!  I usually put any seaglass or shells that I collect out on the patio to dry.  She likes to take it & make dseigns with it--here are a couple.
And here she is thinking up another one! ( the beer and cigarettes are Alan's!)
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Nancy said...

What a creative sweet little girl! That's wonderful that she visits with you. She did a great job on the butterfly.

Ann said...

Yes, she is, Nancy! We have a special relationship with her & it's great!