Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday decorations

Yesterday after Deb & I went to Vasilow's --AKA Candy Heaven-- we decided to walk around downtown Hudson ( NY) and look at the decorations.  Lots of the stores are closed on Mon & Tues ( Kate told us that before we walked over) but the weather was nice so we decided to look around.

Warren Street is the main shopping area & there are quite a few antique shops, restaurants ( last year Sandia & I went to a great restaurant called Mexican Radio) and various boutiques--even a store that sold just items from Turkey--it had beautiful handbags made from Kilim rugs and pottery!  This is the window of a salon.

The reindeer in this shop window was cute & I love how the garland in the window looks like it's draped on the buildings across the street.

There are many beautiful old brick buildings in the downtown area & many have or are being rehabbed.  I should have gotten closer, but this church was pretty.  Photos of one special window tomorrow!


Jana said...

Lucky you, getting to go to Vasilows! I love the pink tree in the salon window.

Ann said...

Thanks, Jana! The next time you come to NYC you can make a side trip!