Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tuesday Video from Youtube

On Sunday we went to the 2012 Possum Queen Foundation's Annual festival it's an organization that was dreamed up by 2 guys in Litchfield, CT when they were bored on a New Year's Day about 1990. People put together teams & do hilarious skits & raise money ( before during & after the event) The team that raises the most money & "bribes" the judges the most gets the title of Possum Queen! The team in this video did a take off on Wheel of Fortune--called Wheel of Possum with celebrity contestants, Wee Wee Herman, Sara Phelan, and Stevie Blunder to name a few! At the end of their skit they announced that they had raised over $16,000 ! The moneys are given to people in the area struggling with medical problems & bills. To read more about the organization & event Possum Queen

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