Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

 Irene is supposed to have a direct hit on Connecticut sometime tomorrow ( depends on who you listen to when it occurs)  We have not worried about the loss of power and the rain ( 6-12 inches) but the loss of more pine trees!  Many pine trees line our long driveway !  And there's not much we can do to prepare for them being uprooted!
These photos are from Dec 2008 when we lost 6-8 trees & they blocked the driveway....we had had plans to celebrate Xmas with my family & had to postpone! 
So we have plenty of gas for the generator, lots of food ( have a gas stove) and jugs of water.  We will ride out the storm ok.  Here's hoping all my friends  will be safe & warm in their homes. too!


sweetsherrilou said...

remember that ice storm as well, we lost quite a few as well. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ugh! Just so they don't fall towards the house and you remain safe. I remember the feeling. We had forest in our backyard in Washington State. Every big storm we'd lose a few.

Jackie said...

Good luck and I hope that there is not too much to clean up.