Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another snowy day!

We decided to take the dog to a nearby lake to run around on the ice. Alan had thought there was an ice fishing derby today; turned out it was yesterday. This is a friend's house--the public boat launch is to the left of it. Our friend, Dan's dock. We go over here for 4th of July--the people all around the lake shoot off firworks--next year I am going to try & take a video of it!
Alan and Rafe out on the ice. He ( Rafe ) ran around for about 1/2hr. & is totally tuckered out now--on his bed near the woodstove.
Tried to do a 360 look around the lake--it's was snowing so hard it's tough to see the far side! Stay warm! All the little lights that look like tiny flashbulbs going off is snow!


Isla Deb said...

Wow...and I complained this morning because I had to wear a sweatshirt because it was a little chilly! How quickly you forget about snow when you move to the south. Stay warm, amiga...great photos as usual!

Jackie said...

Brrr! I don't want to ever live somewhere it gets so cold for so long that a lake freezes!

Sandia said...

Why can't I remember the name of that lake???I only DRIVE by it every few months or so! Hey, if you want to go to the Thomaston Rotary Art Auction on March 6th, Rambo [and Barbara] will be there!

Jamqueen said...

Thanks to all for your comments...Jackie--the ice is about a foot thick I think!
Sandia--it's Tyler Lake ( technically pond)
Deb--it was actually pretty warm -in the 40's yesterday & very calm out on the lake --no wind

Moongrl722 said...

So pretty, but so cold! And yes, 40 degrees IS cold to us.

Vee said...

I enjoyed these photos, Ann, and I agree that it looks too cold for me. But how cool that you walked across a frozen lake.